The LAC Organizational Performance and Learning System

Welcome to LAC's Organizational Performance and Learning (OP&L) System Wiki!

This Wiki is a space that stores information and fosters collaboration between headquarters, country offices and regional management units on how to best measure performance at the country office (CO) and regional levels. The space currently focuses on LAC's OP&L system. With time, however, the focus could be expanded to include CARE's organization-wide efforts to manage organizational performance, particularly with regards to program quality and impact at the CO level.

This Wiki is a collaborative space that provides an overview of the LAC OP&L, as well as important information that CARE staff will need in order to understand the logic and main components of the system. This Wiki is also a space where staff from COs that are currently using the system can share with others how they have integrated the system into the CO's ongoing work, as well as the value that the system has added to their CO's operations.

How can we better manage organizational performance at the CO and regional levels?
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