The OP&L Indicators are used to analyze the current situation (baseline), set performance objectives and poverty reduction and social justice goals, and measure progress in achieving the objectives and goals. There are 40 indicators associated with program impact, program strategy and organizational support.

  • Impact and effect. A set of indicators that enable senior managers at the country and regional levels know the number and percentage of programs and projects that are contributing to selected millennium development goals and other impacts. (6 indicators)
  • Organizational strategy. Indicators that determine the degree to which our strategies, as expressed in our programs and projects, are aligned with the CARE Program Principles and other organizational strategies. (20 indicators)
  • Organizational support. Indicators for measuring the degree to which we are mastering the basics and other areas necessary to enact the Program Principles and other standards (financial and administrative management; governance and human resources). (14 indicators)

Complete list of indicators:

Detailed descriptions of indicators: