In 1999, CARE International announced its new Vision and Mission. In response to this new vision and mission, CARE LAC adopted the LAC Management Framework.doc, a strategic guiding document that called CARE to position itself as part of a worldwide movement to reduce global poverty by 50% by the year 2015. This document identified certain organizational capabilities that CARE needed to develop in order to realize its new vision and mission. By 2003, CARE International had adopted the CI Programming Principles to operationalize the CI vision and ensure program quality and organizational effectiveness.

As a result of all these major events, LAC recognized a need to track its progress in implementing the changes that the organization was asking for. This need to track the change process was later expanded to the need to assess organizational peformance in general. At the time, CARE-Ecuador had the necessary expertise to develop such a system so LACRMU established a partnership with CARE-Ecuador to develop an Organizational Performance and Learning system for the LAC region. The main driving questions behind this work were:

  • What constitutes good organizational performance for CARE?
  • What will CARE's contribution to the MDGs and other impact indicators be?
  • How will we measure our progress toward reaching our goals and mission?
  • How will we be held accountable both to our donors and the individuals and communities we serve?


I. Pre-Design Phase (antecedents)

II. Design
  • Conceptualization
  • Identified indicators
  • Developed data gathering tools
  • Determined workflow (connection to AOPs, data collection processes, etc.)

III. Implementation - Phase I
  • Baseline (2005)
a. Training on indicators and how to collect data
b. Prioritization of indicators, and data collection
c. Data sent for processing
d. Data analyzed, sent back to COs and reviewed
e. Regional analyses presented
  • Programmatic realignment
  • M&E systems

IV. Implementation - Phase II (full operationalization in COs)
  • Senior Advisor for Organizational Performance and Learning position approved and filled in LACRMU
  • Revisions to tools
  • CARE-Peru pilot
  • Full operationalization in the COs

V. Moving beyond the region
  • Presentations to ET
  • PLT and IOT pilot
  • Coordination with the newly established Organizational Performance Management Unit in Finance