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In 2005, a baseline was created in all country offices in LAC, except for Haiti. OP&L developed a method by which initial data can be compiled and analyzed so that COs can assess the results of their program initiatives by comparing the same data after the project to the data before the project was implemented.

Below are some important documents generated including a guidelines for baseline data collection and a powerpoint presentation detailing the results of the baseline for LACRMU. More information on the baseline preparation process in each CO will be uploaded soon!

Guidelines for baseline preparation

Baseline preparation process
  • Training on indicators and how to collect data (Quito and Managua)
  • COs apply data gathering tools
  • Data sent to RMU/CARE-Ecuador for processing
  • Data analyzed and sent back to COs for review and dissemination among staff
  • Regional analysis presented at LAC LT for developing regional priorities and AOP

Results of OP&L Baseline